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FAQ. What is VividNET's approach to the 56K ITU modem connection standards.
ANSWER: VividNET Communication went 56K X2 standard for most of its POP to the East of 605 FWY, it is currently waiting for the ITU standard to take place and fully upgrade to 56K connection for all its POPs.

What is a Standard?
(Original information  from 3COM web site )

A standard is a technology agreed upon by different vendors in a specific industry. New standards are driven by market trends, technological advancements, and consumer demand. Modem standards begin as proprietary technologies submitted by individual vendors to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a formal worldwide telecommunications standards body whose charter organization is the United Nations. The ITU may adopt a proprietary protocol from an individual vendor. Or it may adopt a standard based on technologies from different vendors.

Standards are initially "determined," then later ratified or "decided." A determined standard is based on a technical agreement between active union participants. Once determined, the core technology of a standard won't change. Modem vendors develop and ship products based on determined standards. Determined standards are later agreed upon by all members of the UN and considered ratified. In the unlikely event modifications are made to the V.90 56K standard between determination and ratification, 3Com's Flash DSP and Flash ROM capabilities will deliver enhancements with simple software downloads from our Web site or BBS.

3Com fully supports the determined V.90 standard and cast a favorable vote for the technology comprising it. 3Com will quickly develop upgrades for existing x2™ technology products and develop new V.90 56K standard products. Users will enjoy universal compatibility with all products that are either upgraded or designed with the new V.90 56K standard, as well as all products with x2 technology. And, 3Com is leading interoperability testing with other vendors including Lucent Technologies to insure optimum compatibility.

What does the V.90 56K ITU standard mean?

The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) is a committee of the United Nations. Its job is to make sure all telecommunications devices (like telephones, fax machines, modems and so on) can "talk to" each other, no matter what company makes them or in what country they're used.

As engineers think up new ways of connecting, the ITU meets to review these technologies. Different companies may present slightly different protocols (plans) for achieving the same result -- U.S. Robotics x2™ technology and Rockwell K56flex™ technology, for example. The ITU works out compromises between these protocols, to reach a single, worldwide standard. Once that standard has been determined, all companies can start building products that comply with it.

How does it affect you?

3Com (then U.S. Robotics) brought the first 56K modems to the market, using x2 technology. As a proprietary (non-standard) protocol, x2 technology required x2-capable equipment at both ends of the connection: ISPs (Internet service providers) or corporate networks on one end, and modem users on the other. And because K56 flex was also a proprietary protocol, it required K56 flex capable equipment on both ends. Modems with one technology could not get high speed downloads from providers with the other.

Now that the ITU standard has been determined, providers and modem users with standard-compliant products will be able to connect at high speeds no matter who made those products. This means you can choose your Internet service provider more freely. You'll get faster, more dependable connections to the Internet or your corporate network. And because all the world's modem engineers are working with the same technology, improvements will come faster, improving your online experience even more.

If you now use an x2 modem, you'll soon be able to upgrade to the V.90 56K ITU standard, free, with a simple download from this Web site. (Some 33.6 modems upgraded to x2 technology may require hardware upgrades -- the Upgrade Advisor will tell you which upgrade you need.) After you've upgraded, your modem will be compatible with both the new standard and x2 technology. So you'll be able to get fast downloads from any x2 capable ISP or corporate network, before and after they upgrade their equipment to the standard. In other word, you'll also be able to get those same fast downloads from any V.90 ITU standard-compliant provider, no matter who made their equipment.


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