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VividNET Co-location web server

Our clients have told us that  they have a need to keep their servers completely safe and online at all times. This is so that no matter what happens, World Wide net surfers can access their corporate sites. To fulfill this request, we compiled a state-of-the-art Co-location Center, where clients can locate their server equipment in a monitored, climate-controlled environment. The client's co-location server at our headquarters will be connected to VividNET's dual connection to an OC3 network via a 10baseT connection.

VividNET's Co-location Service is a hassle free, cost-effective way to keep your server safe, secure and accessible at all times.

Features include:

  • .Connectivity via VividNET's redundant connection to an OC3 backbone network provided by Telia & Digital Island.

    .Dedicated 10baseT Connection

    .24 hour connectivity and power supply monitoring
    .Server and Network Statistics

    .Fire Protection

    .Climate and Humidity Control

    .Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and AC Generator back-up

    .DNS - IP's registered, additional ip's available upon request

    .Tape swapping and secure storage (customer will set-up back-up program or run remotely)

    .One Pricing Plan, with unlimited traffic

    .Dial-in access to customer server available via 56k ppp dial-up

    .Monday-Friday 9-5 escorted access at no charge, after hours and holiday escorted access with one-hour notice - fee may apply.

Benefits include:

  • .Clients can have access to a full 10baseT connection at a cost lower than setting up their own T-1 line

    Reliable access to customer site, even during high traffic times

    Redundant backbone network connections ensures up-time

    .Server is off client's site and on ours

    Clients don't have to monitor connection and power supply

    Your equipment will be secure in our high-tech facility
    Option to have VividNET swap back-up tapes and archive them in a secure and fireproof vault .Equipment will be stored in a climate controlled secure room

    .Client retains total control of the server 

    Co-location server price plan
    $1000 one time set-up fee
    Starting @ $295/Month
    -no traffic charge

Contact VividNET Business Account Dept.
Contact VividNET Communications, via E-mail or via Phone, a VividNET Business Development representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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