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VividNET Design
Web Site that Tells a Story

The on-line environment presents challenges
that are revolutionary and innovative compared to the traditional media.
VividNET Design will figure out practical on-line solutions to increase your client site's
productivity, informative value and functionality that solves business problems.   The team at VividNET Design will work with you every stage of  the web site construction process to deliver a superior quality Web site on time, and on budget.

VividNET Design's
constant search for the compromise between technology and client's mission for establishing an Internet Presence evolves around utilizing the latest web construction tools including:  HTML, CGI/PERL programming, and C++, as well as Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Shockwave, Flash!, ActiveX, PHP. These tools allow your site to be dynamic,   allowing you to reach out and interact with your customers!

On-Line Database connectivity options allow you to deliver information to your target audience instantly and for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Dynamically created from your data warehouse, a database driven web site can potentially add power while reducing maintenance costs.

Global web presence, On-Line Shopping Sites, intranets, web database interfaces, on-line marketing, or web commerce solutions.
VividNET Design can deliver the support you need to make your web site ideas a reality.


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