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Welcome to VividNET Communications, Los Angeles
VividNET's Product & Services

We're here to make sure your internet needs are fufilled.

For Immediate Release
VividNET Communication announces
VividNET now provides X2 56K dial-up Internet access in 280+ Cities around Southern California.

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News FLASH !
Stay Secure on the Internet, visit Winfiles.com's Win95 Security page for the latest update on Internet security issues and bug fixes. NT users can visit the NTbugFIX web site for security bug fix issues.

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Vivid Internet Production (VividNET)
LOVES L.A., do you?
Los Angeles Weather ( go away el nino ).
Los Angeles Traffic (as usual).
L.A. Dinning, Shopping, Life Style, Travel, Entertainment, the greatest place on EARTH.

LA. Sport Fans !

VividNET offers personal dial-up clients a space of their own on the Internet !  This is a value added service that gives everyone a chance to share their thoughts and show-off their HTML/Graphic skills.
Contact Dial-up Acct. Sales Dept. today for more details.
(certain restriction apply)

E-Mail info@vividnet.com
Sales Dept.
Dial-up Acct.
Sales Dept.
Fax # 626.551.3100
13781 Roswell Ave. Suite B
Chino, CA 91710

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Friendly Tip from VividNET to Business Owners:
Watch out for the 9-0-# phone scam, follow this LINK to web site for details.

Friendly Tip from VividNET to Web Surfers:

Find the movie that you want to see and the time/location that its showing, follow this LINK to Movie Finder web site.

Want to know how much your car is worth ?
Go to Kelly Blue Book's web site to get an update.

Need Shareware ? Looking for Drivers ? Follow this LINK to Winfiles web site.

Want to keep in touch with your friends on the net ? Follow this LINK to Mirabilis web site or click on the "download ICQ" software below. 

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VividNET Communication, Los Angeles
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H e a d q u a r t e r  A d d r e s s :
13781 Roswell Ave. Suite B
Chino, CA 91710

Business Account Dept:
[Frame Relay, Web Hosting, Web Design, Network Consulting]
Fax: 626.551.3100
Email: info@vividnet.com

Frame Relay & Server Co-location Dept:
Email: frame@vividnet.com

Web Hosting Dept.:
Email: web@vividnet.com
Personal Account Dept.:
[Modem Connection to VividNET via 56K/33.6K]
Fax: 626.551.3100
Email: sales@vividnet.com

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